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Here are some additional resources related to sail training and all things nautical, we hope to constantly add and update the features you see here so do bookmark this page and keep visiting.

Some areas are restricted to those who are already following a Nomad training course. Please do get in touch with us if you would like access.

Any ideas for the future? Please send them to tech@nomadsailing.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.

What's in the Learning Zone?

Self Test
Self Test Section

A selection of tests you can run through. Marking is completed online.

Flag Test

Flag Test game. Test your knowledge of the basic nautical flags.

Nautical Alphabet
Nautical Alphabet Test

Learn your Phonetic & Nautical Alphabet.

Acronyms & Abbreviations
Acronyms & Abbreviations

List of abbreviations and acronyms that you will come across in the world of sailing.


Collision Regs & other safety regs.

Video Tutorials
Youtube Tutorials

Here you will find a range of tutorials on a manner of sailing subjects.

Free Downloads

Here you will find a range of materials from Nomad, View, Saves, Print, Share - Have fun!

Course Downloads
Course Downloads

Here you will find a range of materials from the Nomad courses. This area requires login.


Learning Zone Support

If you have any problems whilst in the learning zone please email us and give us as much detail about what you were doing at the time you experienced the problem. This will help us to resolve any technical issues that may occur. Technical emails should be sent to tech@nomadsailing.co.uk.