Practical Sailing Courses

Nomad Practical Courses

From complete novice to Yachtmaster we have a course to suit your needs. We can provide Start Yachting, Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal skipper and Yachtmaster prep, either onboard our own training vessel or your own boat.

The practical sailing courses that you can take are:

The RYA Practical Sailing Courses are all five days in duration, although Nomad Sailing can offer these to you in the following formats:

  • over 2 weekends - one short weekend and one long weekend (including the Friday or Monday)
  • over 5 consecutive days (Monday to Friday)
  • over 5 consecutive days ( Thursday to Monday)

Which Practical Sailing Course is right for me?

RYA Start Yachting

RYA Start Yachting course

This practical course is for the complete novice, or for someone who wants to try sailing for the first time to get a feel for sailing. It is a fantastic introduction to seamanship, it will give you a basic knowledge of how to steer a yacht, hoist sails, handle ropes and general boat etiquette.

The RYA Start Yachting course also counts towards your RYA Competent Crew Certificate, so you only have to complete a further 3 days or 2 weekends to achieve it!

RYA Start Yachting course makes a great birthday treat. How great would it be to say you went out and learned to sail at the weekend?


RYA Competent Crew Course

RYA Competent Crew course

This RYA Competent Crew course introduces the complete beginner/novice to cruising and teaches personal safety, seamanship and helmsmanship to the level required to be a useful member of the crew on a cruising yacht.

5 days residential on board the training vessel.


RYA Day Skipper (Tidal) Course

RYA Day Skipper practical

This RYA Day Skipper practical course is conducted to teach and assess skills of pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling up to the standard required to skipper a cruising yacht by day, in tidal waters with which the student is familiar.

5 days residential on board the training vessel.

Suggested minimum experience: 5 days seatime. 100miles. Competent Crew.


RYA Day Skipper (Tidal Conversion) Course

RYA Day Skipper (tidal conversion)

For those who hold a Day Skipper (non-tidal) certificate, this Day Skipper Tidal Conversion course upgrades to the full tidal qualification and concentrates on:

  • Close quarters handling under power and sail (if applicable)
  • Navigation and pilotage using tidal calculations
  • Using tidal heights and tidal streams
  • Working out course to steer to allow for tidal stream and leeway

2 days residential on board the training vessel.


RYA Coastal Skipper Course

RYA Coastal Skipper

The aim of this RYA Coastal Skipper course is to teach the skills and techniques required to skipper a cruising yacht safely on coastal and offshore passages by day and night.

Suggested minimum experience: 15 days seatime. 300 miles. 12 night hours.

5 days residential on board the training vessel.


Yachtmaster Preparation Course

RYA Yachtmaster preparation

A four day training course preparing you for the stringent testing of the Yachtmaster Exam. With this Yachtmaster Prep course you will be able to practice all elements of refined navigation, boat handling and seamanship to the standard required for the assessment.

We can also arrange for the examiner to join on the final day (examiner fee paid separately to course fee).

Suggested minimum experience: 50 days. 2500 miles. 5 days as skipper. 5 passages over 60M + 2 overnight and 2 as skipper.