RYA VHF Radio Course (SRC)

VHF SRC Radio Course

The VHF Radio Operators SRC (short range certificate) is a legal requirement for the operation of VHF radios in the UK and many other countries. It can be obtained by:

1: Attending a recognised training course. Either the RYA on-line interactive course, or a one day classroom-based course. These courses are designed to take about 10 hours which includes some background reading from the course book.


2: Completing an assessment with a registered RYA/Ofcom Assessor (see below).

What will I gain from the Course?

Topics for this course include:

  • the basics of radio operation
  • the correct frequencies (channels) to be used
  • distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures
  • making ship to shore telephone calls
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using simulators
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)
  • Search and Rescue (SART)

To download a free sample of the software and try out the interactive course click here

Once training is complete, you will need to book and pass your assessment. The assessment session must be attended in person at our training centre in London or Gosport.

How do I book?

Choose from below which type of training you would like to undertake and/or the date of your assessment. After booking your training course we will send you the Course eBook and recommended areas for pre-reading. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Lou or Jim for more information.

Course Name Dates Cost
VHF SRC Online Interactive Course
Online Course £110
Course Name Dates Cost
VHF SRC Assessment
1:1 VHF Assessment/Exam . London.
You choose date. Enquire before booking (price does not include licence fee) FULL
Course Name Dates Cost
VHF SRC Shorebased
Classroom Course + Exam. Old Street. London.
Sun 5th Nov 0900-2030 (price does not include licence fee) FULL


Paul B., RYA VHF SRC Radio Course

Very well organised course covering all the essentials to just the right depth. After getting used to speaking to someone on the radio sat right in front of me, I felt very prepared for the real thing.

Rating 5 Top