Boat Handling Course

boat handling course

It’s the bit that causes the most anxiety (for crew and skipper alike) - approaching the marina at the end of a day’s sailing to find it crowded with boats and plenty of spectators looking for some entertainment from your best efforts.

Having an appreciation of the main factors influencing how a boat behaves in various conditions, how to prepare your crew, and the different approaches that can be made to any particular berth, will improve your chances of arriving alongside almost silently, with no shouting, no panic and a happy crew.

This one day course is designed to build confidence your with close quarter manoeuvring. With a maximum of 4 participants, you will cover various aspects of berthing and unberthing, including the use of springs, shorthanded mooring, Mediterranean mooring, effective use and preparation of your crew.

How do I book?

Check out the available course dates and then contact us or book online. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Lou or Jim for more information.

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What will I gain from the Course?

We include everything you will need in your course fee

  • 6 hours tuition and practice
  • Lunch and Refreshments
  • Boat Handling Guide Book
  • Fuel

Topics for this course include the following

  • Boat preparation
  • Unberthing
  • Use of Springs
  • Handling Characteristics – turning, headway, sternway, leeway, prop walk
  • Berthing - alongside, stern to, bow in
  • Mediterranean mooring
  • Short-handed

The course will start and end at Gosport Marina - PO12 1AH

None – although this course is aimed at the sailor who has done some basic boat handling (Competent Crew and above)



Andy Marris, RYA Day Skipper Practical

Lou was a fantastic skipper exposing us to all types of sailing conditions and allowing us to take command whilst having a watchful eye.

Excellent attitude to safety and procedure at all times. An outstanding instructor and course, leaving me very confident to handle a boat under my command in these waters. Brilliant!

Rating 5 Top
Tony Malcolm, RYA Day Skipper Practical

Absolutely brilliant. Great instructor, great company and a lot learnt in 5 days. I now feel like a proper sailor !

Rating 5 Top
Rebecca Anderson, RYA Day Skipper Practical

Excellent course, extremely well organised. Instruction was very clear and easy to understand. Thank you for a fantastic course

Rating 5 Top
Mike Mulkerrin, RYA Day Skipper Practical

Very clear and patient tutorage. Active and engaging. Although quite challenging at times, never felt talked at or bombarded with info

Rating 4 Top