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Day Skipper Course Downloads

Nomad Sailing has provided students with downloadable course material to assist your with your course. This material is password protected and your instructor will provide the details.

In order to access this material you will need Adobe Reader software.

Day Skipper Week One


  • Latitude, longitude. Navigational terms. True bearings and courses. Charts. Navigational publications. Chart corrections. Use of plotters and dividers.
  • Visual aids to navigation
  • Systems of Buoyage. Lighthouses, beacons and light characteristics.

Day Skipper Week Two


  • Application of variation.
  • Compass Check. Deviation. Swinging the Compass.
  • Use of the hand bearing compass.

Position Fixing

  • Sources of position lines.
  • Potential accuracy of fixing methods. 3 point fix.

Tides Part 1

  • Tidal definitions levels and datum. Use of tide tables. Calculating heights at standard ports. Use of the tidal curve.

Day Skipper Week Three

Tidal Streams

  • Use of tidal stream atlases and diamonds for chartwork.

Chartwork 1

  • Dead Reckoning and Estimated Position

Collision Regulations 1

  • Steering and Sailing Rules.
  • Day Shapes.

Day Skipper Week Four

Chartwork 2

  • Calculating Course to Steer (CTS)
  • Calculating ETA

Meteorology 1

  • Sea State, Wind, Clouds.
  • Basic Weather Systems.

Collision Regulations 2

  • Lights, Sounds.

Day Skipper Week Five

Meteorology 2

  • Forecasts and Forecast terminology.
  • Fog.  Fog navigation. Precautions to be taken in fog


  • GPS functions and limitations
  • Use of waypoints and routes


  • Types of anchor, where to anchor, cable calculations, tripping lines.

Day Skipper Week Six

Electronic Charts

  • Use of electronic charts.
  • Electronic plotting functions

Secondary Ports

  • Calculating time and height of tide by interpolation.


  • Properties of Synthetic Rope. Knots.

Day Skipper Week Seven

Passage Planning

  • Appraisal, Planning, Execution and Monitoring

Safety at Sea

  • Safety Equipment and the safety brief
  • Methods of indicating distress including flares and mayday format.

Day Skipper Week Eight


  • Charts, alamanc, pilots books
  • Use of bearings, transits and other aids to pilotage
  • Preparing a pilotage plan


  • principles of stabilty, factors and catagories of vessel

Day Skipper Mock Chartwork Exam

Have a go at a chartwork paper, the paper as with the real exam will include questions covering the following areas:
  • A three point fix
  • A course to steer
  • An Estimated position
  • A tidal height calculation
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