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Yachtmaster Course Downloads

Nomad Sailing has provided students with downloadable course material to assist your with your course. This material is password protected and your instructor will provide the details.

In order to access this material you will need Adobe Reader software.

Yachtmaster Week One


  • Datum, latitude and longitude. Position, course and distance. Use of plotters and dividers. Navigational terms. Charts, chart projections and chart corrections. Navigational publications.
  • Buoyage
  • IALA A & B and cardinals
  • Visual aids to navigation
  • Ligthouses, beacons and light characteristics.

Compass work

  • Causes and application of variation and deviation, compass check.

Yachtmaster Week Two

Position Fixing

  • Sources of position lines. Potential accuracy of fixing methods. 3 point fix. Transit. Bearings and soundings. Range and bearing. Dipping distance.
  • GPS
  • Principals of operation. Position fixing. Accurancy and limitations.

Tidal Flow

  • Tide tables.
  • Use of tidal stream atlases and diamonds for chartwork.
  • Interpolation of tidal rates.

Chartwork 1

  • Dead reckoning and basic Estimated Positions.

Yachtmaster Week Three

Chartwork 2

  • Advanced EP's, projected EP's, tacking EP's.
  • The running fix.

Collision Regulations 1

  • Steering and Sailing Rules.
  • Day Shapes.

Yachtmaster Week Four

Chartwork 3

  • Calculating Course to Steer (CTS).
  • ETA.
  • Electronic ChartsRaster and Vector charts, uses, limitations. AIS

Collision Regulations 2

  • Lights.

Yachtmaster Week Five

Meteorology 1

  • Beaufort scale.
  • Knowledge of highs lows and fronts.
  • Interpreting forecasts, weather fax and satellite info.
  • Local effects. Sea state.

Tidal heights 1

  • Standard port calculations.
  • Anchoring and clearance questions.

Yachtmaster Week Six

Tidal heights 2

  • Secondary port calculations.
  • Anchoring and clearance questions.

Collision Regs 3

  • Sound signals.

Meteorology 2

  • Forecast sources and terminology.
  • Fog / Restricted Visibility
  • Causes. Navigation. IRPCS rule 19. Sound signals.

Yachtmaster Week Seven


  • Pilotage plans and harbour entry.
  • Use of transits, leading lines and clearing lines.
  • Use of sailing directions. Harbour regulations.
  • Pilotage in restricted visibilty

IRPCS Mock Exam

Yachtmaster Week Eight

Passage Planning

  • Appraisal, Planning, Execution and Monitoring
  • Weather. Strategy. SOLAS Ch V


Yachtmaster Mock Chart Exam 1

Chartwork Paper 1

  • 3 pt Fix,  Course to Steer,  Estimated Postion,  Tidal Heights at Secondary Ports

Chartwork Paper 1 Answers

  • Full worked answers for the above paper.
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