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Code Flags and the Phonetic Alphabet

Alphabets come in many varying forms depending on the way you are transmitting the information.

During radio transmissions you will use the phonetic alphabet, which you will find alongside each code flag below.

The phonetic alphabet should be used for radio transmissions in plan language or in code.  If you need to spell out a word you should say "I spell" after pronouncing the word and then spell it using the phonetic alphabet.  Double digits should be transmitted digit by digit.  The VHF SRC Course is recommended and a legal requirement for operating a VHF radio.  Try the flag test.
Photo of Pilot Boat
Alpha Code Flag

A - Alpha
Divers Down

Bravo Code Flag

B - Bravo
I am taking in or discharging or carrying dangerous goods

Charlie Code Flag

C - Charlie

Delta Code Flag

D - Delta
Keep Clear, I am maneuvering with difficulty.

Echo Code Flag

E - Echo
Altering course to starboard.

Foxtrot Code Flag

F - Foxtrot
I am disabled, please communicate.

Golf Code Flag

G - Golf
I require a Pilot

Hotel Code Flag

H - Hotel
I have a pilot on board

India Code Flag

I - India
I am altering course to port.

Juliet Code Flag

J - Juliet
I am on fire and have dangerous cargo aboard; keep well clear of me

Kilo Code Flag

K -Kilo
I wish to communicate with you.

Lima Code Flag

L - Lima
You should stop your vessel instantly

Mike Code Flag

M - Mike
My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water

November Code Flag

N - November
No (negative)

Oscar Code Flag

O - Oscar
Man overboard

Papa Code Flag

P - Papa
All aboard, vessel is about to proceed to sea

Quebec Code Flag

Q - Quebec
My vessel is healthy and I request free practique

Romeo Code Flag

R - Romeo

Sierra Code Flag

S - Sierra
My engines are going full speed astern

Tango Code Flag

T - Tango
Keep clear of me I am engaged in pair trawling

Uniform Code Flag

U - Uniform
You are running into danger

Uniform Code Flag

V - Victor
Require assitance (not in distress)

Whiskey Code Flag

W - Whiskey
I require medical assistance

X-ray Code Flag

X - X-ray
Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals

Yankee Code Flag

Y - Yankee
I am carrying mail / dragging anchor

Zulu Code Flag

Z - Zulu
I require a tug.

Repeater 1

Repeater 1

Repeater 2

Repeater 2

Repeater 3

Repeater 3

Number Pennants

0 Pennant Flag

0 - Zero

1 Pennant Flag

1 - Wun

2 Pennant Flag

2 - Too

3 Pennant Flag

3 - Tree

4 Pennant Flag

4 - Fow-er

5 Pennant Flag

5 - Fife

6 Pennant Flag

6 - Six

7 Pennant Flag

7 - Sev-en

8 Pennant Flag

8 - Ait

9 Pennant Flag

9 - Nin-er

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